Customs Clearance for Alibaba Shipments

Freightclear-“Ali Baba Import” is an exclusive service for people looking to import goods via Alibaba, but are confused about the Alibaba  website and sales process with foreign manufacturers.  

We make the global sourcing and import process by simplifying the import, customs clearance process for Alibaba buyers. From ocean freight imports to air freight, our team of logistics experts clear and deliver your incoming shipments with the utmost care and efficiency. We check your products for US regulatory compliance and make sure proper duties are paid to US Customs. Freightclear is a one stop vendor for importing your Alibaba shipments to the USA. 

Custom Clearance Services for Alibaba Buyers

Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance USA for importers of foreign manufactured products.

Importer Compliance

Customs compliance solutions for USA importers. Know how your product is regulated.

Freight Solutions

International shipping solutions in air and ocean freight . Get a quote today,.

Customs Bonds

Single entry and continuous bonds for USA importers. Apply today for savings.

Serving all USA Ocean Ports

Get Quotes Now..agents on call

Get a quote on customs clearance of your Alibaba shipment to all USA ocean ports and airports. From pallet loads to full containers to full charters, we do it all.