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About Customs Clearance

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Before you can begin the customs clearance process, you must ensure that you have all key documents and goods and products in compliance with U.S. regulations. Here are a few things you should consider:


Customs clearance is a process that grants legal entry to goods entering the USA. It encompasses several essential steps, each meticulously executed to ensure compliance with regulations and facilitate seamless trade. Here’s a refined breakdown:

Declaration and Documentation: At the heart of customs clearance lies accurate paperwork. Importers must declare the value and specifics of their goods, including essential documents such as commercial invoices and shipping labels. These documents serve as the bridge between the shipper, receiver, and the customs authorities.

  1. Navigating Import Duties and Taxes: The assessment of import duties and tariffs is a critical aspect. The complexity varies based on factors such as the HTS code of the product, its value, and the specific import regulations of the receiving country. Expert guidance becomes invaluable here.

  2. Freightclear’s Expertise: For those venturing into U.S. imports, the customs clearance process can be daunting. That’s where Freightclear’s seasoned team and streamlined workflows come into play. By simplifying paperwork, pre-paying import fees, and ensuring adherence to regulations, Freightclear ensures a smooth and efficient customs clearance experience.

Key Documents for Customs Clearance

Commercial Invoice

The commercial invoice must accurately describe the goods, their quantity, and their value. This document is essential for determining the value of your goods and calculating any applicable duties and taxes.

Bill of Lading or Airway Bill

These documents confirm the shipment’s transport and delivery information. They also serve as proof of shipment and provide details on the carrier, origin, and destination of the goods.

An import declaration (customs form) that details the goods and their value. This document is required by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and provides information on the importer, exporter, and the goods being imported.

Other documents may be needed depending on the nature of the goods, such as permits or licenses. For example, if you are importing food or drugs, you may need to provide additional documentation to comply with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations.

ISF 10+2 Form

The CBP’s ISF or 10+2 rule only applies to ocean cargo imports) and aims to screen high-risk shipments before arrival in the U.S. to protect the country from acts of illegal activities or terrorism. It also identifies players in the supply chain. The form must be filed with the CBP 24 hours before the cargo sails from the last port of origin into the U.S. Although not all carriers provide the form, some do and include in it the required information. This allows for easier filing by the importer. While the 10+2 ISF form expands the importer’s scope of accountability for questionable shipments, it lessens examination for low-risk shipments.

Arrival Notice

An Arrival Notice is a statement prepared by an agent or carrier to alert the consignee or recipient that their shipment of goods has arrived (or when it is scheduled to do so). It generally contains an overall description of the commodities, details regarding the number of cargo units that have entered, and fees that must be paid upon collection. The Notice helps owners by speeding up the process of cargo processing and clearing customs.

Delivery Order (D/O)

After goods are released from the CBP, a delivery order document is issued by a consignee, freight owner, carrier, or shipper that orders the release of cargo transportation to another party. A D/O must be separated from the BOL, is non-negotiable, and does not replace evidence of the delivery of goods. The D/O must be sent to the trucker for him to pick-up the shipment from the CFS. Basically, the D/O is the culmination of the shipping cycle where the cargo and carrier part ways.

Importer of Record Identification & Proof

The Importer of Record is the ultimate consignee or buyer/importer of the goods entering the USA. The importer of record can be an individual or a company.

Individual importers

Individuals use their social security # as an importer ID. A drivers license is the correct form of ID for an individual importer of record. A power of attorney should then be signed by that individual.

Corporate Importers

These are companies, LLC’s or business entities acting as the official importer of record. The proper ID for customs purposes is a letter issued by the IRS to the corporation with its official name and address prominently displayed. A power of attorney should then be signed by an authorized corporate officer.

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