DDU Incoterms with Alibaba

I’m Importing from Alibaba, what Incoterms should I use?


When ordering on alibaba, manufacturers and suppliers often offer DDU shipping as the default option. This puts the manufacturer in charge of your entire transaction where you, the buyer, ends up overpaying greatly for shipping services. You also risk doing so without having any control over who is transporting your goods or whether they will properly clear your goods through US customs. You want a customs broker and freight forwarder who will work on your behalf and will be available to communicate on US time. Thats where Freightclear/Cleared and Delivered comes in.

Choose EXW or FOB and hire Freightclear/Cleared and Delivered to take charge of your goods

So you hire us as your broker. You now have an entire US based import team who will look out for your best interests during this transaction. We will make sure you are charged fairly for the freight as well as handling any customs compliance issues clearing through a USA port. When the freight is cleared, we arrange port to door delivery that is fairly priced, fast and efficient. The best part of our service? We communicate with you the whole way. In the end, you will find you saved quite a bit of money over the DDU/DDP option.

Shipping EXW-This basically means you will trust your US based broker/forwarder to book your freight aboard an ocean vessel or airline. You are basically asking them to provide door to door services for your order. This may take slightly more work on your behalf, but is worth it when it comes to cost savings.

Shipping FOB-This means the supplier manufacturer is including the ocean freight as part of the purchase price. Once the ship leaves port, it is now your responsibility to clear and deliver to your door. This is where Freightclear/Cleared and Delivered makes the process simple. Once you get your bill of lading and ISF data sheet, its time to get a quote from us and get started. Once the freight arrives at your door..you will find the cost savings to ship EXW, FOB using Freightclear was much lower than most shipping options on Alibaba.