Customs Clearance-Government Agencies

  1. US Department of Agriculture (USDA):
    • Responsible for regulating imports related to vegetables, plants, animals, meat, poultry, and wood packaging material.
    • If your consignment falls into any of these categories, the USDA is the agency to coordinate with.
  2. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF):
    • Oversees imports involving firearms, ammunition, explosives, and alcoholic beverages.
    • If your shipment includes any of these items, consult the ATF.
  3. US Customs and Border Protection (CBP):
    • Handles trademarked articles, artifacts, and cultural property entering the USA.
    • CBP ensures compliance with intellectual property rights and cultural heritage protection.
  4. US Food and Drug Administration (FDA):
    • Manages imports related to medicines, narcotics, certain drugs, and biological materials.
    • If your shipment contains these products, engage with the FDA.
  5. US Department of Energy (DOE):
    • Regulates imports of household appliances, commercial and industrial equipment, and petroleum products.
    • For energy-related items, coordinate with the DOE.
  6. US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS):
    • Oversees fish, wildlife, and hunting trophies (such as furs, skins, and shells).
    • If your shipment involves these natural resources, work with the FWS.
  7. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC):
    • Manages imports of radioactive materials and oversees nuclear reactors.
    • If your consignment falls within this category, consult the NRC.
  8. US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC):
    • Ensures the safety of toys and other consumer products entering the USA.
    • If your shipment includes such items, collaborate with the CPSC.

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