Seamless Supply Chain with our Team of Import USA Experts

Freightclear is a licensed customs broker who clears imports through any all USA ocean ports and international airports. We streamline the clearance and delivery process on behalf of companies large and small. Freightclear acts as a valuable partner by streamlining your supply chain with our custom apps and workflows designed for US importers.

A USA customs broker recognizes and produces a variety of legally binding documents needed to import goods into the U.S. Customs brokers have a close relationship with the Dept. of Homeland Security/ U.S. Treasury / U.S. Customs Service. to obtain legal clearance for your goods into the United States.

Customs clearance is required for ALL imports into the U.S. regardless if they are duty free or not. Customs brokers also file bonds for goods which temporarily leave and then re enter the United States. These are called carnets.